The Bawdy Limerick
Welcome to The Bawdy Limerick!

Once, I got a text from a friend of mine, that there was a book sale in the library and he had found a book that I would love. Since I was at work in said library, I nipped down to see what it was; in his hands, he held a dark green tome embossed with “The Limerick” in gold on the spine. 

I agreed that I was likely to be amused by limericks, but imagine my delight when I opened the book and discovered that some of them were rather dirty! I then began flipping through the pages…and found not a single clean one in there. I have not yet read all of them, but even the table of contents is dirty. Its categories are as follows: Little Romances, Organs, Strange Intercourse, Oral Irregularity, Buggery, Abuses Of The Clergy, Zoophily, Excrement, Gourmands, Virginity, Motherhood, Prostitution, Diseases, Losses, Sex Substitutes, Assorted Eccentricities, Weak Sisters, and Chamber of Horrors. This book, entitled only “The Limerick” and not “The Dirty Limerick” or something of the like, is filled with solely dirty and rude poems!

What amuses me most, I believe, about this volume is that these are not modern dirty poems, serving to affirm that this generation is gone to hell in a filthy handbasket and proving that we are unique in our perversity. Instead, these are somewhat old poems, ranging from the mid1800s to the 1940s. These poems were, I believe, all written before my father was born - so none of these are new perversions. This book affirms for me the idea that people have always been rather filthy, and that any modern perversion only serves to uphold the tradition of delightful dirtiness. 

I have decided to post these limericks one by one*; I will post the category, the limerick, and the date cited in the book. I would cite authors, but the book does not cite any. 

I’m certain at one point I shall run out of these limericks, but at that point I’m hoping to write more and get more dirty submissions!

So thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy these bawdy limericks!

*with the sole exception of not posting some that are racist or otherwise extremely offensive; this book was published in the 60s, with many of the poems written in the 40s or earlier - there are some rather rude** ones!

**and not in the fun way!